Handling & Storage

AgriEnergy Resources has been manufacturing high quality microbial and fertilizer products since 1988. We believe we have products to help with any soil, and crop, anywhere!

Whether you are an organic producer, or simply want to farm in a renewable, sustainable way, AgriEnergy Resources has products to assist you in achieving your production goals.

Over the years, AgriEnergy Resources has learned a great deal about proper storage and handling of our products. Following some simple guidelines will help ensure that you are applying the best product possible on your field.

Spring Cleaning

Before your new fertilizer shipment arrives, it’s important to get your storage tanks completely cleaned out. Along with a clean tanks, it’s always an excellent idea to flush your hoses, manifolds, and filters. Don’t forget about your planter and sprayer lines, too.


Mixes can contain different weights per gallon, so there is the possibility that they can stratify in your storage tank. Periodic agitation is recommended, as well as agitating your tanks each and every day you pull from them. We have found that the best agitation occurs when pumping out of the bottom of the tank, and back into the top. Setting up a valve and elbow in the tank side, and blowing air into the valve at the bottom results in excellent agitation. Remember – just one minute of agitation does wonders! 


Filter it! Anytime you are moving product, it’s always advisable to filter. When you are filling your planter or applicator, filtering is a must. Putting the filter on the pressure (output) side of the pump will result in good filtration.


Never mix Calcium and Phosphorus. Keep biologicals separate until going to the field, especially Nitrogen and Ammonium Thiosulfate.