Our History

The late Dave Larson and his wife Carolyn founded AgriEnergy Resources in 1988. Dave’s mission and goal was to develop Renewable Farming systems and assist with their implementation for healthier soils producing balanced, high-nutrient-density plants resulting in healthier livestock and people.

Since its beginnings, AgriEnergy Resources has established itself as a pioneer in the practice of Renewable Farming. Our system grew from Dave Larson’s desire to reduce input costs and raise yields and profits in his own operation. Using conventional farming techniques only resulted in more compacted, depleted soil, and a cycle of adding more chemicals and fertilizers while yields declined. He was determined to find the answer for a soil that was out of balance, and lacking microbial life. What followed was a period of intense experimentation in three principle areas of soil stewardship: air and water, residue, and fertilizer management.

Although Dave has passed on, his vision and mission are alive and well. AgriEnergy Resources went through a few transitions from being under ownership of the Aley family of Tiffin, Ohio and Princeton, Illinois, to currently, being owned by Douglas Products of Kansas City, Missouri. AgriEnergy Resources continues to serve farmers in both the United States and abroad, with fertility programs that have dramatically improved crops and soils. The facility that Dave built in Princeton, IL still serves as our corporate headquarters. Today, AgriEnergy Resources offers state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, support facilities, corporate offices, as well as nearly 240 acres of farmland, all dedicated to Renewable Farming research.