Farm Favorite Friday: Where I’ll Want To Be

November 28th, 2014

I can not wait for you to meet today’s Farm Favorite Friday author!

She grew up in Bureau County and is currently working at the local vet clinic while working on her college degree. I got to know her through 4-H and let me tell you she makes the BEST CUPCAKES. They look like Angus heifers!

Anyway, her talents are many, but her way with words will stop you right in your tracks.

So without further adieu, take a journey with Danae Ross:

“Life is full of surprises. It often takes us on turns we never expect, throwing us into situations we never imagined would we’d be in. As life gets hectic, often the refuge we seek is rooted where we grew up or in a place like it. I think this is especially so for those who started out in the country. Though life may call us away, there seems to be an irreplaceable, almost ethereal feeling to heading back and appreciating the slow, quiet earthen atmosphere.

Danae Ross

Just for a minute, sit back and take a journey with me.

An early morning walk brings a sneak peek of a wondrous scheme unraveling beneath my feet. Pops of bright green spring up from the ground, not quite ready to reveal their surprises; trees quiver, shaking off the stiffness of a long winter rest; animals stir, preparing for the coming of new young; the sun smiles down on us all, welcoming the new spring.

Before long, though, the peaceful awakening is replaced with the buzz of life. Temps warm and send people and animals all around me flocking to the sunlight, soaking up its freedom and overwhelming the land, afraid to lose any time. Tractors and lawnmowers bring a comforting hum, moseying across the soft earth. Horses plod down trails, kids shinny up tree branches, and gardeners amble in the dirt, delighting in the feel of earth between their fingers. Summer has arrived.

But there is no time to waste because soon a crisp breeze cuts through the air and the earth begins transforming again. Deep maroons, fiery reds, golden yellows, and burnt oranges paint the landscapes. Leaves flutter around me, stealing my attention, and showcase the Lord’s brilliant design. Farmers and hunters take the scene, stripping the land of its bounty and providing for the world’s needs.

As we gather together to thank our creator for His blessings, glittering flakes begin to fill the air, bringing with them the cold bite of winter. Carols and Christmas tunes permeate the homes, and children scramble to pull on their mittens and scarves so they can go whizzing down the hills on bright colored sleds past gleaming icicles that bedazzle the trees for miles and miles.

No, there isn’t anything quite like being out in God’s country.

Danae Ross

Whether it’s going to the barn to visit the livestock, gazing across the land that stretches for miles, or enjoying a meal grown from food you tended to yourself, there is nothing that can replace that feeling, no words to even describe it. No matter the time of year or the season, there is always something new and wondrous, always something to amaze us and bring us peace at the brilliance of our Father’s hand.

I still have a lot of things I want to do in my life, places that I want to go: big cities, national parks and monuments, beaches….who knows, maybe I will even end up living in a bigger area, surrounded by homes and buildings. I don’t know what God has planned for me, but I do know that when the stress and strain of life start weighing me down there is only one place I will return to for true peace: The loll of gently swaying trees spanning all around me, animals sauntering quietly along their way, flowers poking up wherever they choose to bloom…All taking me away from rushing, hurried people, cold, hard structures, and petty, unnecessary drama.

The country, the farm, the timber, the pond… That’s where I’ll want to be.”

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